Questions and Answers

What is Impressive Creations?
We are a highly unique, passionate and inspired team of Wedding Cinematographers and Film Editors, dedicated to re-telling the story of one of life’s most amazing moments, your Wedding! Your Wedding Film will become your memory of your wedding day that you will have for the rest of your lives!  That’s why we take our job so seriously!

Who will be filming my wedding?
Impressive Creations is comprised of a team of highly motivated, talented and professional Master Cinematographers! Your team will be selected, based off of your style and needs, 2 to 3 months prior to your wedding day! Rest assured, everyone on our team, from our in-office Creative Directors, Event Cinematographers and Editors with ensure amazing customer service from the very first contact to final delivery! 

Can you recommend other vendors to us?
We would love to refer you to other wedding professionals and vendors that we love to work with and have great respect for, and work well with! Please click here to see a list of our Favorite Wedding Vendors that we love and trust! 

Does Impressive Creations also do Wedding Photography?
At this time we do not offer photography. We feel that the photography and videography team is a very important element to a smooth wedding day! Please check out our Favorite Wedding Vendors for a list of amazing photographers we love to shoot with!

Does Impressive Creations have liability insurance?
Yes, we have full comprehensive liability insurance including Drone Insurance! We can also provide your venue with a PDF copy of our Certificate of Insurance, with your venue’s name, as an additional insured.

Booking Information

What if we live too far from your Lomita, CA studio or we are really busy and won’t be able to meet? Also is it possible for our family or friends to meet with you instead? What are our options?
We would love to meet with you in person, however should your schedule not allow you to meet with us, or you are too far away from our Lomita Studio, we can handle everything remotely through phone calls, emails and even web meetings. We will then send you an online proposal where you can review your package and sign your contracts well as make as make payments. 

Do you travel to meet potential clients?
We LOVE our new studio and we would LOVE for you to come and check it out! At our studio we have everything we need to give you the full Impressive Creations experience! Here is a short video from our recent grand opening!  If you would like to have a phone conversation, we can hear all about your special day, and we can send you a quote over email, so please give us a call at our Lomita Cinematography studio at 310-748-0505 or click this link and email us!

Do you have a variety of Packages to Choose from?
Yes, of course! Please keep in mind, our packages are just starting points, so you can get an idea of what we offer. There are many a-la-Carte options as well, including Same Day Edits, e.Sessions, Camera Cranes, Drones, Montages and more. We can create a custom package, which best suits both your desires and budget.

How do we book with you and reserve our date?
It can’t be easier! Because you deserve a high standard of quality, we only reserve a limited amount of weddings per year so we can focus on our relationships with our couples and give them our complete commitment to telling their story. Because of this, we only share pricing over the phone or email. After our phone call or studio meeting, we will send you a proposal via email. In this proposal, you will see the package(s) that we talked about, all wrapped up into one easy to use online service. All you have to do is choose the package you wish, sign the contract and it’s done! Once we receive your booking retainer, and your signed contract, your date is locked in and confirmed!

How much do you require for a deposit?
We require a non-refundable retainer of 30 to 50% off of the “ total package”. The percentage for your deposit is dependent of how far out you book your event.  If you book more then 6 month out then your deposit would be 30% of the total package price. You have the opportunity to pay your deposit via credit card by sending in a check, emailing us a check image or money order.

Do you offer destination weddings cinematography coverage and will it cost us extra?
We LOVE destination weddings! We travel all over the world! The booking process is the same for us: 1) You simply choose a package that works for you and your budget and style! 2) You would then be responsible for booking all airfare, hotel and ground transportation and we will be there! 

Do you offer discounts?
First of all, we are a highly creative and qualified team of cinematographers and editors and we shoot and edit with the most technologically advanced equipment. Secondly, there are a total of 52 weekends a year, which narrows down the field of actual days available for weddings (as generally couples choose to marry on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday), which makes the demand higher. So we are not able to offer any discounts, yet at the same time, we feel our prices are not only competitive, but also fair, considering the hours devoted to carrying out the quality of the product through to the end.

Do you book multiple weddings on any given day?
Yes we do, however, our Cinematography teams are limited and It’s first come first serve.

Do you provide partial day coverage?
Yes, please send us an email or give us a call and we can design a custom quote for you right away! 

What do you need from us prior to the event?
Our goal is to make your experience with Impressive Creations as easy and as stress-free as possible. We provide you with a link, to an easy to use, online “Wedding Day Questionnaire,” for you to fill out at your leisure. We only require, that it’s fully up-to-date, one week prior to your wedding. Also, please read through our ever-growing list of questions and answers here.

If we cancel the wedding, is our deposit refundable?
Your deposits are used to reserve your date. Once we’ve reserved your date we do not accept new clients for your date and the deposit is non-refundable.

What if I need to change my wedding date after we have already given you a deposit?
Every situation is different and we will treat each one as different, but typically, if you move your wedding to a date in which we are available, then we would be glad to keep everything as is. If your new wedding day is booked on a day that we are NOT available, then your deposit is non-refundable. Also, if there is a rate change from your original date to your new date, the new rates will apply and a new order will be created at that time.

Timeline Planning

When will you begin filming on our wedding day?
It’s our desire to arrive at the bride’s and groom’s “getting ready” locations, approximately 3 hours prior to your scheduled ceremony start time. It’s a great time for us to get all those beautiful creative shots of your dress, tux, shoes, rings and jewerely, mom or dad tying up your dress.  As you look through most of our “Same Day Edits” and “Short Films,” you will notice those preparation shots delicately weaved throughout the entire film. It’s our favorite part of the whole day, and that’s where the story of your day really comes together.

When will you end filming on our wedding day?
We like to book 1 hour past the scheduled time of your final traditional event. That may be the cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss, or a special dance. Whatever it is, we like to book for 1 hour past that final formal event. So, if your cake cutting is your last formal event of the evening, and is scheduled for 10pm, then we think 11pm would be a good time to end your coverage. This way, we are sure to get all of your formal events, plus some fun dancing and partying. This is also a great time for us to get more details of your reception room as well as anything we missed throughout the day.

I have a lot of downtime in between events on my wedding day. Will I be charged for that downtime?”
For a variety of reasons, we charge for the time “on the clock,” in between events. From our experience, what may seem like a break on your timeline, is usually designated for your photo session or travel time. On your wedding day, we are never truly resting, as we are always backing up video files, working on your Same Day Edit (if applicable), setting up for the ceremony or reception or traveling to another location. Also, please keep in mind, for every wedding, we always take shots of the location scenery, your venue, reception details, cocktail hour. Our Wedding Cinematographer team does not stop working until our day is done. (Expect for a short dinner break 🙂

Does your team require a meal for lunch or dinner?
Yes, we do. Thank you! The amount of meals depends on the size of the crew we bring with us. We usually require 2 for a standard shooting package and an extra meal for the editor if a Same Day Edit package is ordered.

Do you guys film destination weddings?
Yes! We love destination weddings!

What additional fees are associated with destination weddings?
First off, you would choose one of our standard packages. You would then be responsible to cover all of our travel costs, including airfare, car rental, gas expenses, hotel accommodations and food. We also charge an “Away from Studio Fee,” to compensate for our time away from the studio.

Do you charge additional fees for traveling for Weddings,  e.Sessions or smaller events / weddings outside of the Los Angeles area?
No, we do not charge any additional fees for any wedding in the following counties: Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. However, if your event is more then 100 miles from our Lomita Studio, then you may be required to provide a hotel room for our Cinematographers. We will discuss this with you prior to your events.

e.Session Information

How many months before our wedding should we film our engagement session?
We typically like to film your e.Session within two months of your wedding day. We have found through experience, that if we do the filming any earlier, it seems like the excitement for your wedding is just not there. We like excited couples!!

What kind of clothing should we wear for our e.Session?
Since this is all about you, we like to say, wear the style of clothes that you feel most comfortable wearing, but step it up a notch! We want you to look as good as possible. If you are wearing shorts and a tank-top, we don’t think that would look the best on film. Also, please bring a change of clothes as well. Since our studio is near the beach, you never know if we might get wet or want to mix it up a bit!

Where can we film our e.Session?
Anywhere you want! Please keep in mind, that for the interview portion of our e.Session filming, we need a very quite location. This can be achieved at a beach, a park, your house, but, so many other factors can be involved, so, its best we talk about locations beforehand. Furthermore, we love shooting in the Palos Verdes area as there are tons of great locations around there!

How many hours do you suggest we set aside for an engagement session shoot?
Its good to plan for 5 to 6 hours for our e.Session shoot. During our time together, we will be traveling around a bit, so, even though 6 hours may not seem like much, it sure goes fast once we get together!

Can we schedule our Engagement Session for the weekend?
Because most weddings occur on weekends, we try not to shoot Engagement Sessions on weekends. However, if weekends are the only times that work for you, we will be sure to work something out!  

Can we incorporate photos of us growing up or our engagement photos from our Photographer?
Yes, of course.  All we ask, is, that you give us the photos in the order that you would like them displayed. Also, we do not accept original photos and require digital photos only. If the photograph is old, discolored, or torn, we can fix these for your montage for an additional fee. Please email or call for more information about this!.

What if we exceed our contracted time for our engagement shoot?
We have a standard rate for overtime hours. In our studio meetings or phone conversations, we strive to accurately plan so you will not incur any overtime fees. However, occasionally, e.Sessions can run over for various reasons. In that case, per our clients approval, overtime is billed at the rate of $200/hour per Master Cinematographer. 

Wedding Day Information

Do you film both groom and bride preparation time?
Yes! We prefer to do this. You are both part of the day, right? We send two Cinematographers for the whole day. This means, one Cinematographer will be with the bride, as she is getting ready, and the other Cinematographer will be with the groom as he is getting ready. As you watch through most of our films, you will see a ton of getting ready shots from both the Bride and Groom’s Perspectives.

Can we have only one videographer instead of two videographers for Bride and Groom Preparation coverage, since we are going to be at same location?
We have found that, only having one shooter for Bridal and Groom preparation, results in many missed opportunities. Even if the bride and groom are in the same location while they are getting ready, it’s too high of an expectation for one cameraman to capture all the important moments. We require that all packages, include two cameramen, during this time, then nothing is missed and there are no regrets. This is built into all of our packages.

We don’t want a production made of our wedding day. How are you able to get all these moments without us or our guests noticing?
We have learned to be like chameleons. At times, your guests might think we are one of their own, since we fit in so well. We are always dressed nice, and always wear dark clothing, and we do not bring much attention to ourselves. We are not the “in your face” type of video company. We capture your event in a seamless non-intrusive way.

Have you shot at my venue before?
We have shot at hundreds of venues, so there is a good chance that we have. If we have not, that’s OK because we love new creative adventures and exploring new wedding locations!

What if we exceed our contracted time for our wedding day?
We have a standard rate for overtime hours. During our studio meetings or phone conversations, we strive to accurately plan so you will not incur any overtime fees at all. However, occasionally weddings can run over for various reasons. In that case, per our clients / wedding planner approval, overtime is billed at the rate of $450/hour for the two Master Cinematographers. This fee also includes the extra editing time needed for your final production. 

Equipment Information

Do you use wireless microphones?
Yes! Our usual practice is to discreetly place a very small microphone on the groom and the officiant. Often times, we will also receive a “live feed” from the sound person, or DJ.  All these techniques give your film pristine sound quality as heard in all of our films online.

Do you shoot in HD?
Of Course! We shoot with the latest technologically advanced cameras and lenses. Your final wedding films will be delivered on a USB Flash Drive and Hard Drive in 1080p!

What Kind of camera Equipment do you use?
We shoot with the latest Panasonic, Sony and Canon HD DSLR and other Canon cameras, Coupled with L-series Canon lenses and Sony G-Series, for superb clarity, and vivid color. Furthermore, we use cutting edge sliders, Drones, stedi-cams, glidecams, camera cranes (jibs) and camera Gimbals! We love to geek out on new camera gear!

Types of Editing

Do you have various Videos available for us to preview Impressive Creations style?
Yes, we can edit in the style you desire, however your your films will look and feel similar to those on our website and Social Media pages. , Please keep in mind, your day with be your day so everything about your wedding film will be different then any other wedding video out there, but edited in a similar style to our examples..

What is a Short Film or Feature Film?
A Short Film is up to 5 minutes, and a Feature Film is up to 12 minutes long. Both videos capture the whole day, all the way through to the end of the Reception.  Several songs are used and a story is told in the beginning showing the bride/groom preparation in getting ready, a first look should you wish one, leading up to all the ceremony with vows, then keeping with the story incorporating the grand entrance at the reception, the first dance, cake cutting, speeches, dining and dancing till the end. Your Short Film or Feature Film is received by the couple a few months after the wedding day. Please explore our Feature Films here and our South Asian Feature Films here. 

What is a Same Day Edit?
Talk about instant gratification! Our Same Day Edit Films are up to 5 minutes long and they capture the whole day, including Bride and Groom preparations, all the way up to the end of the first main event of the Reception, then shown to your guests 1.5 – 2 hours after the conclusion of that first main event. We provide a screen and projector for our Same Day Edits and they are ready for your favorite Social Media platform the very next day! Share away!! Check out our Same Day Cinema Galleries Here and Here. 

What is an e.Session?
An e.Session is your love story filmed 1 month before your wedding day at a location of your choice, as sometimes shot on location with the photographer at time of your engagement photo session. The e.Session is an interview of how you guys met and the story of your engagement, then showed at your Reception to all your guests.

Why is your Short Film or Feature Film so short when you will be at my wedding for 10 hours or more.
We understand you may feel you are “missing out” on a lot of what we captured from your wedding day. But nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of sending you a boring 2-3 hour wedding video we take ALL the best moments large and small from your wedding, as well as details you may have missed and truly create a “film”, a narrative of your day. Audio is huge for us too, so your toasts, vows and message at the ceremony is vital in telling your wedding day story.

Your Short Films, Feature Films and Same Day Edit’s look nice, but can we see a FULL edit of a Ceremony or Reception? Sure, you can always add on a full length “Documentary Edit” to you package at anytime!

What does Documentary Style Edit Mean and a Documentary Chapter?
Our Documentary style edit is a full length edit of your Ceremony and Reception or event with all natural sounds, yet tastefully edited. The Chapters are found on your customized website and flash drive separating each ceremony and reception, making it easy to jump from one location to another.  Moms and dad and grand parents LOVE our Documentary Edits! 

Post Production

Are we able to view our wedding film on our iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device?
Yes! We will upload your “all your edits online and create a beaitiful online “DVD Type” Gallery! You can watch this anywhere you wish! Of course these website are password protected. Here is an example of our online client websites. 

Do I get to pick my own music for my edits?
Yes and no, Music is a HUGE part of the editing process and we take so much time choosing the right music for your edits! We have a well rounded background in music production, so we understand music! We will help you choose your music selections that will create the mood and feel of your edit. No copyrighted music is allowed. We will give you web links to some awesome royalty free music websites. Again, its all about telling your story, and choosing the right music is of utmost priority! 

When can we expect our completed films:
One of the benefits in hiring Impressive Creations is that you are hiring a team! If you do your homework, you’ll find most videographers take between 6-10 months to get your video back to you. We feel that’s unacceptable. We will create your wedding film and deliver it to you and your family within the 2 – 4 month time frame.

Are we involved in any of the decision making for what we want included or not included in our Short Film or Feature Film?
Yes. Your wishes are very important and we would ask that you let us know if there is anything specific that happened at your wedding that you would not want to be seen in your film before we start the editing process. We also send our couples an Editing questionnaire so you can give us all the specifics we need for post production. film.

Final Delivery

Can we share our film with others on FaceBook or Youtube or a personal website?
Yes. We will process the video for you and provide your with links so that you can share it with your family and friends and even post it on FaceBook or other internet and Social Media sites. 

Is it possible for us to have all the raw footage form our wedding and events?
YES! This is part of all our packages! You provide us with a USB hard drive, and we will provide you ALL the RAW unedited files from your wedding including all your edited files! These files are viewable on both a MAC or PC. However, we format all hard drives to the MAC format, so if you have a PC and want to preview your files, you will need this program. PLEASE be sure to make a few back up copies of your hard drive!

How long do you keep our video files?
After we are completed with your project and you sign off on it and have received all your RAW and edited files on a hard drive, we then create master backups of your final DVD’s and BluRay ONLY! We DO NOT keep all your RAW files. These are YOUR responsibility to make back ups..