Package Descriptions

Below you will find a brief summary for each of our package items!
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 Same Day Film

This beautiful 3 to 4 minute highlight of your wedding day is actually shown at your reception! Talk about instant Gratification!! Our Same Day Edit films are one of the best ways to “wow” your guests! Also a great way to share a stunning glimpse into your wedding all your friends and family that we not able to attend the wedding! We show the Same Day Film aprox 2 hours after your Grand Entrance!

Short Film

Our Most Popular Edit! Your Short Film will be up-to 5 minutes long and will overflow with all the love, emotions and stories that you experienced on your wedding day! 5 minutes is the perfect length so you will watch it over and over and over again! We use two amazing songs to accurately tell your wedding day story from Bride and groom preparations to your final reception moments!

Feature Film

Our Feature Film’s are up-to 12 minutes in length and because of the longer running time, we are able to fully craft the most engaging and creative wedding stories we offer! Our Feature Films are packed full with best of the best footage and audio bites from your entire day! Up to 4 songs are used to enhance all the love and romance you experienced on your special day! Not a dry eye in the house after viewing this one!


Our e.Session’s are filmed aprox. 2 month before your wedding day at up to 2 location of your choice! These are the best way for your wedding guests, and online friends to get to know you and your amazing story! Think about it, most people have no idea how you even met! This is a creative and fun way to share your story of love with the world!

Documentary Edit

Our Documentary Edits are a full length, “real time” edit of each event that happens at your wedding! By using all ‘natural’ sounds, just as the event happened, these documentary edits make it feel like you were there, watching the whole event, live! They are tastefully edited, with smooth transitions, between the multiple cameras used. No outside music is added into our Documentary Edit in order to keep it’s authenticity.

Honeymoon Film

You have all the fun and we do all the work! Take your smart phone, GoPro or any other photo/video camera and send us all the footage, and we will create a fun edit with music!Honeymoon Film 5 minute Creative edit of your personal photos and video from your trip G-rated photos and videos only 🙂